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Greetings from the Mayor

On behalf of the Municipal Corporation and of myself, as the Mayor of Paterna de Rivera, it gives me a great satisfaction to welcome you to the website of our City Council, a place that serves as window of our township to the world and to every person that wishes it, is invited to put their head out to get to know us better.

With the creation of this website we try to create a powerful useful tool, making known to every person who visits us the best of our township, our landscapes, our culture, our history festivities and traditions.

We wish this website becomes a place of interaction between the local administration and the citizens, whose purpose is to take a first step into the implementation of the electronic administration of the citizen, as this is an essential step forward for our population by allowing doing some paperwork from home and at any time.

Other purpose of this website is to increase civic participation and for this, there is a space that can be used for every person who considers it appropriate.

It is in every citizen’s hands to give life to this website and our biggest wish is it to serve give life to this website and our biggest wish is it to serve as reconciliation and at the same time it being useful for you for knowing better Paterna de Rivera and the municipal services of our City Council.

With the hope it is a useful tool for our neighbors, besides all its visitors, receive a warm greeting.


The Mayor – President

Alfonso Caravaca Morales