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Municipal Corporation

PSOE- Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party

  • Alfonso Caravaca Morales – Mayor
  • Lucía Torrejón Toledo – 1st Deputy Mayor, Responsible for the Delegation of Civic Security, Staff, Treasury and Communication.  
  • Rafael Rodriguez Macho – 2nd Deputy mayor, Responsible for Environment, Festivities and Roads and Works.  
  • Andres Sanchez Barroso – 3rd Deputy Mayor, Responsible for Culture, Education, Sport and Tourism.  
  • Maria de los Santos Sevillano Villega – 4th Deputy Mayor, Responsible for Equality, Social Welfare and Civic Participation.
  • Soledad Villega Nobles – Town Councilor Responsible for Promotion, Youth, Services, Health and Consumption.  
  • Manuel Colon Madera – Town Councilor of Urban Planning and Employment.



PA – Andalusian Party

  • Andrés Díaz Rodríguez – Town Councilor Group AP
  • Israel Orihuela Fernandez – Town Councilor Group AP
  • Josefina Diaz Rodrigez – Town Councilor Group AP
  • Elisabet Gil Perez – Town Councilor Group AP



IU – United Left

  • Ignacio Colón Pérez – Town Councilor Group UL

PP – Popular Party

  • Andres Clavijo Ortiz – Town Councilor Group PP