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Festivities and Traditions


Paterna keeps an important baking tradition that has been bequeathed from generation to generation. In the bosom of the families that form our population, they keep doing products like piñonate, rolls of Easter, profiteroles, and others, with the same recipes than by then. When Christmas or Easter is coming, the streets of Paterna are filled up with smells that invite people to taste these exquisites.


Bakery Patisserie "Los Molinos"

C/ Cristóbal Barroso, nº 6

Telephone: 608 270 661


Cold meats Factory

Sabores Paterna, S.C.A.

C/ Cristóbal Barroso, s/n

Telephone: 956 416 112



This Cultural event of Flamenco was born in 1972, in June concretely, promoted by this City Council with the collaboration of Caja de Ahorros de Jerez.

Traditionally, this contest has been developed every year since then, excepting three events in which two of them could not be celebrated due to the lack of economic resources; and in the other occasion, concretely in 2003, on behalf of the 500 Centenary of the birth of Paterna de Rivera as a village, a Peteneras Festival was celebrated, in which several singers met who won the first prize of peteneras singing in previous editions.

Manuel Orta, María José Santiago, among others, were the winners of this contest. At the end of the festivity they have appeared artists of a standing equal to Camarón de la Isla, Lola Flores, Isabel Pantoja, Juanito Valderrama, El Cabrero, Miguel Poveda, Arcángel, etc. A whole cast of luxury in the world of Flamenco and the Copla.

The contest, as it has been above said, is carried out between June and July and it lasts until the beginning or mid July, being remarkable the weekends Fridays or Saturdays, as working days for this purpose. This first phase is celebrated in the facilities of the “La Petenera” Flamenco Cultural Club. The Final Phase always coincides with the last Saturday of July and it is developed in the installations of the I.E.S. Paterna.

Nowadays there have been XXXVII editions of this prestigious contest taking place and of which it is being prepared the XXXVIII edition.



It is located in Avda. Fernández Viagas nº 12. It is facilities takes place the development of the Preliminary Phase of the Peteneras Singing National Contest, during June and July of the current year and it gives support to the development of the final phase of the same contest. Moreover, in it take place throughout the year Flamenco events organized by the same group, collaborations with other groups and others organized by the City Council.

Its facilities also shelter a little museum of posters of the Peteneras Singing National Contest,  where we can find all the published posters of the different editions of this contest.

Opening Hours:

From Monday to Friday in the afternoon.

Saturdays and Sundays: From 12:00h onwards. It also opens in the afternoon.