Transparency Index

Institutional and organizational Information


Functions it develops:
  • Regulation of application and, in particular, the statutes and rules of organization and functioning of the tools.
  • Relation of collegiate bodies adjoined and rules by which they are governed.
  • Physical headquarters, schedule attention to the public, telephone and email.


  • Institutional agenda of the Mayor and the members of the corporation.
  • Audiovisual broadcast of the plenary sessions.
  • Publishing previous to the celebration of their meetings of the agenda and, once it is celebrated, the approved agreements as well as the information included in the subjected dossier submitted for consideration, in the terms established in due form.

Organizational structure

Public Employment

  • Public job offer or other similar management tool of the provision of necessities of staff.
  • Proceedings of staff selection.
  • Labor agreement staff civil servant.
  • Labor agreement labor staff.

Actions and municipal information according to the art. 54 of the Law 5/2010

Edicts notice board of the City Council of Paterna de Rivera.

Information about high positions and people with maximum responsibility

Information about planning and assessment

Plans and programs

  • Strategic Local Frame of Economic Development.
  • Local Employment Promotion.
  • Employment Program for Collectives in Social Emergence.
  • Sustainable Development Local Plan.
  • Local Plan of Support for Autonomous.
  • Local Plan of Tourism Economic Promotion.
  • Local Plan of Cultural Economic Promotion.

Information of legal relevance

Legal information

Directives, instructions, agreements, notices or answers to enquiries set out by particular people or other bodies, as far as they do suppose an interpretation of the Right or they do have legal effects.

Regulation in process

  • After the initial approval of the ordinance or local regulation by the Plenary of the Corporation, publishing of the text of the initial version.
  • Memories and dossiers that make up the expedients of elaboration of the rules texts on the occasion of the advertisements of these.
  • Documents that according to the sector legislation in force must be subjected to a period of public information during its processing.
  • Updated relation of the rules in course, pointing at its subject and state of processing.

Información about proceedings, charters of services and civic participation


Relation of the proceedings in which it is possible the participation of the citizenship while they are being processed.

Administrative proceedings

Updated catalogue of the administrative proceedings of its competence, with indications of its subject, processing and deadlines, as well as if the case, the associated request forms. It will be pointed specifically those proceedings which allow, fully or partially, electronic processing.

Information about contracts, agreements and subsidies



Subsidies and grants.

Economic, financial and budgetary information


  • Budgets of the City Council and its dependent organizations.
  • Annual Sums.


Public Debt.


Average time of payment to providers.